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Love Apparatus Tracklist:1. GreyScale [prod. Machinedrum]2. B4 The Night Is Thru [prod. Machinedrum]3. Create Beauty [prod. Chad Beatz | J.Boykins III & Machinedrum]4. I Wish [prod by Jesse Boykins III]5. Tell Me [prod. by Machinedrum] ft. Theophilus London6. Show Me Who You Are [prod. by Machinedrum]7. Live In Me [prod. by Machinedrum]8. 4 U 2 B Free [prod by Machinedrum]9. The Wonder Years [prod. by Machinedrum]10. Plain [prod. by Machinedrum]11. A Matter Of The Heart [prod. by Hadyn & J.Boykins III] ft. Phonte12. 4 Ever No More [prod. by Machinedrum]13. Make Believe [prod. by Machinedrum]14. Heavenly Eyes [prod by Jesse Boykins III]

Buro festival, Mali      National Geographic October 1990
Jose Azel 

Is it Saturday yet?


“Thus with a kiss I die”
Romeo + Juliet (1996)Baz Luhrmann

Paul McCartney on the set of Magical Mystery Tour in 1967 playing his painted Rickenbacker 4001S bass.
Catch a fire
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